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MDX #36 – Many thanks to the reviewers

In this blog, I’d like to give special thanks to the people below who have taken time to write reviews for my book MDX with SSAS 2012 Cookbook.

“It helped me a lot in my projects and helped me advanced my MDX skill in a very short time.”

hxy0135 NJ

“What I like about the cookbook style is the scenario and solution design. ”

Dan English

“The structure of the books is very similar and is again very easy to follow.”

Gerhard Brueckl

"This book is a must have. I have struggled trying to find a book with good illustrations and easy to follow samples UNTIL this book!"

Desert Fun

“I recommend this book to anyone regardless of MDX exposure, really great to have a reference like this book when you are trying to work through tough requirements."

richard mintz

"MDX with SSAS 2012 Cookbook" has a good chapter and topic organization which starts simply, but not too simply, and builds in complexity. "Elementary MDX" sets the stage for the expected level of knowledge with the other chapters building from that knowledge base. I particularly liked the chapters on "Working with Time", and "Business Analytics" because the regression and non-allocated expenses are tough problems for MDX newbies to solve."


In the blog below, I’ve given my thanks to Vincent Rainardi for his quick reviewing.

MDX #32 – Vincent Rainardi’s blog

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