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On the lighter side…

There are a couple good comments from the readers recently, such as this one:

….You can not say that truncating a target table is a bad practice in general…

I totally agree with the above statement. Actually, truncating a target table is used in many of my ETL processes. Many of the processes I designed also do incremental loading only. So the reader is correct that how we design our ETL process really depends on the characteristics of the data we are loading. It becomes a bad practice when we use wrong design for the wrong data. In the particular example I gave in ETL #70 – The worst possible way to truncate your target table, truncating the target table was a bad practice indeed.

OK, enough about such serious topic. Let’s move on to something lighter. I recently moved to a different group within the same company. I’ve been in the same group for quite awhile, and feel pretty sad about leaving my co-workers and friends. My friend Hamid Y composed a poem for me. I am “publishing” the poem here with Hamid’s consent.

Being a SQL/BI developer for so long, but I still cannot explain to my family what exactly what I do. I recently told an Engineer wife that I work for a bank. She immediately started to consult me with her most frustrating banking questions, such as if she can join a credit union to avoid fees.

I am not sure if a x-ray machine or a sewing machine will help me to answer her question or not, but at least it’s on the lighter side of our daily SQL/BI work. Here it goes:

Dear Sherry,

I wrote this little poem for you…hope you like it..

You’re one of the smartest people I’ve seen
Pumping out SQL code and arithmetic mean

You found program bugs like a x-ray machine
And you saved this company more money than a teller machine

You kept this department together like a sewing machine
And making it run like a pinball machine

So now that you’re leaving our team
I’ll try not to make a scene

Just know that you’re loved and well-respected
By everybody in this department you affected

I am already missing people I’ve being working with day in and out. Thanks friends.

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  1. Hamid Yazdi
    November 29, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    Good luck in your new position! We miss you already 🙂


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