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MS BI Workshop #16 – A few new terms in SSAS

A data warehouse is made of fact and dimension tables.

  • Fact tables: hold measures, which are the numeric columns that you want to put on the report.
  • Dimension tables: hold the columns in which you want to filter the data.

SSAS adopts many of the same items but has changed their names.

  • Measure: individual column in fact table
  • Measure Group: in SSAS measure groups are the collections of measures within a single fact table.
  • Attributes: in SSAS attributes are the columns in dimensions.
  • Members: unique values in attribute; When we process a dimension, queries against the underlying dimension table in the data warehouse to retrieve all the distinct values on an attribute-by-attribute basis. These distinct values are called members.
  • User Hierarchy: If users consistently view the data in a given way in a dimension, we can create a user hierarchy. These hierarchies give the user the means to find the data quickly. Most date dimensions have a hierarchy for Year –> Quarter –> Month –> Date. Creating the hierarchy allows the user to drag over a single element that contains all those attributes.
  • Attribute Relationships: Attribute relationships tie multiple attributes in a single SSAS dimension together, much as foreign keys tie various tables together in SQL Server. This helps with the cube’s performance in query time and processing time. It also helps with security and user experience.
  • Cube: interceptions of dimensions; all aggregations are pre-stored in cube.
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