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MS BI Workshop #4 – Save 5 sec with –NOSPLASH in BIDS

Continuing from MS BI Workshop #3 – Create one VS Solution for all MS BI Projects.

Here is my notes #4.

I guess I am pretty obsessed with being productive in all the tools I use, more than average BI developers. It explains why I’ve paid so much attention to any tips I could get to use the tools effectively.

Here is another one about BIDS.

You’ve noticed this splash window and have ignored it since day one. After years staring at this splash window every morning when I open BIDS, the tip I got from the workshop got me very excited.


To save that 5 seconds every morning, here is how you can make it completely go away.

Append –NOSPLASH to the end of the target URL/path

whether you are using a shortcut to the target URL/path or not, append –NOSPLASH to the target.


Congratulations! You’ve saved about 5 seconds everyday.

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