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MS BI Workshop #2 – Scrum for DW/BI developer

Continuing from MS BI #1 – 3-day workshop at Tempe Arizona by Pragmatic Works.

This is my notes #2.

There are tons of information from the workshop, and each attendant must have taken very different notes, depending on their interest and experience.

Under “why data warehouse and business intelligence”, the presenter mentioned the Agile Scrum methodology. Contrary to the popular Agile methodology, I’ve seen organizations where waterfall approach is still used to manage data integration and data warehouse projects, where comprehensive documentation is valued over completed functionalities.

Agile methodology has been commonly used in software development projects. Why not in DW and BI projects?

I am not a PM, and have no interest in blogging about any PM methodology. As a BI developer, however, it’s important for me to manage my share of the project effectively, and also manage my time effectively. I think the Scrum methodology is something we all should practice to achieve that goal.

I particularly like the Scrum Task Board.

A typical Scrum Task Board looks like this (from http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/scrum/task-boards):


Do you see how you can use this to manage your own unit of work? Do you get impression that this task board is promoting a Story Test-Driven Development approach? For a software project, this is quite obvious, but not so much in DW/BI projects. Do you write the User Stories before coding? Do you specify test cases before coding? Or at least do you finish writing the users stores and testing at the same time as you finish all your development work?

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