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SSRS #59 – Three steps to troubleshoot data-driven subscription error

A reader has created a Data driven subscription for a RS report with file share option, and got “Done: 1 processed of 1 total; 1 errors.” error.

Here are the three steps I’d suggest to troubleshoot the problem.


Data-driven subscription is a powerful RS tool for automating our report subscription tasks. There are, however, very little real life instructions to follow to make it work. The error message you’ve encountered is all the help we can get from Microsoft :).

There are three types of challenges when working with data-driven subscription

  1. Designing a SQL table that will hold your dynamic parameters, and
  2. passing the correct parameters so the subscription engine does not reject them, and
  3. With the file share option, it adds another layer of complexity to it, that is, use the correct service account to access the shared path.
    Since you have passed the creation step, I’d assume that you have overcome the first challenge.
    Based on my experience, challenge 2 and 3 can take some time to make it right.

I’d suggest that you troubleshoot 2 and 3 separately

To make sure you have passed the correct parameters that the subscription engine would not reject, use the send mail option instead first.

Once you pass challenge 2, move one to challenge 3. If you have no rights to create service account on the file server, this can be a real challenge because you will need to convince your system admin to work closely with you.


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