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Fun as a Contractor #52 – Job description for data analysis and data profiling

Adding to the job description collection for two reasons.

  • This is one of the good job descriptions what actually spelled out job duties and required skills.
  • One of the rare job descriptions for data analysis, data profiling and data sourcing.

Data System Analyst and Designer – FINANCE


-Lead with data analysis, data profiling and data sourcing.

-Work with the end-users, data architect to create/validate and enhance source to Client mapping documents.
-Support business analysts and developers with subject expertise in source-to-Client data flows.

-Work closely with the data architect to define, design and implement Center of Excellence of Risk management tools and large data warehouse.

-Work closely with Risk management tool vendors to ensure timely detailed knowledge transfer on the topics of risk modeling, data management of risk models and governance/control of risk management environment.

-Develop thorough understanding of the data definitions, domain values, data relationships, business rules, sources and data integration for each subject area and/or input source file and develop functional and non-functional specifications
with the data architect, translate business requirements into design specifications.
-Assist in testing, creating test scenarios and troubleshooting data issues including source system gap analysis and remediation
-Work with the project manager, data architect and other project teams including test, QA and production to coordinate and conduct impact analysis.

  • Data analysis background / Data de-duplication / Denormalization of  data structures and flat file linking
  • Interface with BAs and end-users to understand structures, quality and processing rules
  • Strong knowledge of relational databases (preferably Oracle, AbInitio, Datastage-Infosphere)
  • SQL query writing skills
  • Solid knowledge of principles of data warehousing projects, data landscape surveying, data analysis, mapping and evaluation
  • Strong data analytical, data profiling and data quality troubleshooting skills
  • Experience in data integration, reference data and data cross reference techniques
  • Solid expertise interacting and working with data architects, solution architects
  • Self Starter / Team Player / good problem solver


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