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SSRS #53 – I will blog about Data Driven Subscription in the future

I had several blog posts on how to manage your SSRS subscriptions. Here is a summary of the different ways I’ve been using Reporting Services out-of-box subscription features (no programming/expressions involved).

1. Simple, but mostly “static” way. You can find the New Subscription button from the Subscription tab on the Reporting Server.


    2. Even with this simple/static feature, you can create powerful report delivery options, i.e. E-Mail or Windows File Share.
    3. With the Windows File Share delivery option, you can send your reports to a shared location, and eventually to a SharePoint site.
    4. Still simple, but dynamic (relatively speaking) way. This is done through Data-driven Subscription.


5. Through the data-driven subscription, you can achieve the “dynamic” features you’ve always wanted. AND through some simple steps without any scripting. The dynamic features you’ve always wanted include: dynamic report parameters, dynamic file names (when sending to a shared location), dynamic email distribution list, etc.

6. Through the data-driven subscription, you can also achieve the “mass mailing” feature (only if you have such desire) with setting up only one data-driven subscription.

7. I made it sound like data-driven subscription can solve all the problems in the world. The truth is it cannot. Without some scripting, one of the things it cannot do is handle the cascading parameters. Some experienced developers will suggest scripting with the SOAP web services exposed by RS to make it work. By far, you should know my preferred way, SQL. I have resolved the issue by paring up SQL procedures with data-driven subscription to achieve the ultimate flexibility.

8. With both the simple Subscription and Data-driven Subscription, you kick star the delivery by a fixed schedule, or make it event-driven.

In my previous post, SSRS #47 – Manage subscriptions dynamically, I’ve promised to blog about the Data Driven Subscription in the future. I will. I promise.

  1. DEREK
    June 7, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    One thing deserves to remind. All subscription methods are based on the “email setting” in reporting configuration. Otherwise, it is in vain.


    • Sherry
      June 10, 2011 at 4:37 pm

      Hi Derek,

      Besides Email Delivery option, there is also Windows File Share delivery option available in Reporting Services Subscription. I suppose you meant to say that the Windows File Share does not work.

      The good news is that it actually works. With several tricks though. One major hurdle is how to set up the domain account that is needed to allow reporting server to access the shared path.

      Developers are using the Windows File Share delivery primarily for two purposes. One is to send copies of report to a FTP location, and then later being distributed to downstream systems. The second purpose is to publish copies of report to SharePoint sites.

      I’ll blog about this topic in the future.

      Thanks again for your comments.



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