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Fun as a Contractor #51 – Are you taking any risk at work?

I recently said yes to a couple of trouble tickets that I could easily say no since I am working on a high priority project. Not only I said yes, I also did something that most developers (contractor or not) would not do, that is, re-designing the entire ETL process and the reporting. I did inform the business users that in order to fix the tiny issue they have reported, I was going to do some fundamental changes (without changing the business logics).

I didn’t realize how much risk I was taking until I got some emails from the business users:

…before the update we could drill down to the account number by clicking on the specific category, where now we have to click on the + sign on each agents name and it puts all categories together; which is much more time consuming…

…the report appears to be missing some March data after you made the changes on Tuesday. I had pulled it earlier in the day on Tuesday and my team had a total of 73 accounts…

…can we get this fixed asap as we are finalizing numbers from March right now. Also you said you could put the report layout back to what it was prior to Tuesday?

I had to deal with over 20 emails to finally make everybody happy again.

I am pretty sure that the new architectural design has improved the maintainability, and performance of the ETL process. There will be less trouble ticket from now on.

But I’ve learned a lesson from this experience. The risk is worth taking, but I should have spent more time with business users to minimize the “discomfort” they would certainly feel after the change.

Should I take risks again?

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