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SSRS #41 – Show 3 Different Report Views

I’ve written three posts about how to create a drill down report that allows users start from a summary level and drill down to account details on the same report, without creating separate reports for summary and account level detail.

SSRS – How to toggle the details with Invisibility property for TableRow?

SSRS – Drill down or Drill through‏?

SSRS – Drill down or Drill through ‏ 2?

While showing summary view is great for managers who are interested in stats only, it’s not always a good news for users who need to reconcile/validate the data.

To satisfy business users whose primary interests in the report are slightly different, I’ve decided to use the same drill down report, but allow users to choose a report view that is most convenient for them. By that way, because I am not creating more data set, the report performance will remain the same no matter how many views I have in the report, at least in theory. Although I didn’t do benchmark test, I didn’t notice performance deterioration.  

Here are a few simple steps to create multiple views on the same drill down report (using the same data set). In my example, I’ve created 3 different views, one is summary at supervisor level, one is at the team member level, one is at the account detail level.

Step 1: create a report parameter REPORT_VIEW, with 3 options below, and a default value.


Step 2: create 3 tables/matrixes that use the same data set. Each table/matrix will show your data at the different level.

Step 3: to conditionally show only the user selected view, I use the Visibility property for the Table with an expression, in which False means to show the table.


This is how the report looks like when you run it.


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