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War over SQL procedures only VS. SSIS packages only

A previous co-worker once summarized my design philosophy. “You are very good at modularizing”, he said. It turned out that the comment is not entirely in the sense of approval.

Because of my design philosophy of modularization, most of the ETL processes I designed ended up having a mix of SQL procedures and tasks in several SSIS packages. Most importantly, each procedure/task/data flow/package is designed to perform just one atomic task.

My previous co-workers told me that now they are having discussions about whether to convert the ETL processes to SSIS package only (favored by developers who is experienced in SQL Integration Services), or SQL procedure only (favored by developers who believe that Integration Services creates too much trouble in terms of deployment).

I frankly told them that do not do either. Stay modularized and specialized in each procedure/task/data flow/package . That’s the key. SQL procedure only or SSIS package only is only indirectly relevant.

If we heed my previous boss’ advice of “do not over engineer”, I think stay put is the best route.

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