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SSRS #39 – Drill down or Drill through 2?

Continuing from the last blog.


Show all FTEs under each supervisor regardless if the FTE has done anything or not in the date range.


Create a stored procedure to add fake data rows for the FTEs who have no production data for the the date range. No need to add those fake rows to the underneath SQL table though. We just need to trick the reporting services to show the FTEs’ names.

There are a few challenges here.

1) If you have groupings in your report, you will need to create those fake empty rows for each group.

2) We will need to use the Cartesian join or cross join to create those fake data rows.

3) You will not have the real data at the detail level for those fake data rows, but you do need to have the higher level data populated for them, so that your report will show the FTEs correctly under each group.

It’s a very straightforward procedure.

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