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Rapid SQL 7 – Freezing again?

I don’t know what SQL tools other people are using on Windows for DB2. I’ve used the plain Command Editor from IBM. 


It’s not a fancy Windows application, but it does what it is designed to do. But it’s never a standard SQL tool on Windows. It does have some weird looking on Windows.


Another tool I’ve used is Toad. I’ve got some funny jokes from co-workers occasionally when I open Toad.


It’s not a very well-liked tool either.

Now the team is pushing us to use Rapid SQL.


After about two weeks, developers started to complain about freezing issues, same issues as with Toad.

Fortunately, we were told that it’s just some settings that we need to change.

Here they are.

1. Turn off auto complete: File > Options > ISQL > Code Assist, unselect "Enable Code Complete".


2. To prevent table locks from occurring: need to change to Uncommitted Reads for Isolation Level: File > Options > ISQL> DB2 > Set Isolation Level > Select Uncommitted reads from the drop down.

3. Finally, run this to set the IBM DB2 client to uncommitted reads


db2cmd -i -w -c db2 UPDATE CLI CFG FOR SECTION COMMON USING  TXNIsolation 1
db2cmd -i -w -c db2 UPDATE CLI CFG FOR SECTION COMMON USING  ReadCommonSectionOnNullConnect 1
db2cmd -i -w -c db2 GET CLI CFG FOR SECTION COMMON


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