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Cube has died a harsh death

After 8 months away from the bank, I recently went back to the same team, and got back my old job.

At the time of my leaving last year, it seemed that the direction was favoring Analysis Services (SSAS, or cube, as we all “affectionately” call it) and moving away from Reporting Services. As the chief cube designer told me, the cube has encapsulated all the business rules, therefore, it represents the “truth”, and the only truth of the data. He was very unhappy when I told him that my manager has not told me to use his “master” cube as the only data source yet.

After the first few days of getting re-acquainted with my old co-workers, my first real technical question is what happened to the cube. I see that majority of the SSRS reports I developed are still in use. The answer is “it died a harsh death”. One day, the word came from the above, abandoning the cube, no more SSAS, no more MDX, just old plain SQL and SSRS, and SSIS. The lesson is, according to my co-worker, we need more experience, more best practices, and more standards for developing cubes.

You can imagine how “disappointing” I am. Not really. I am glad that it has died because it wasn’t designed right to be the only truth. Hopefully we have all learned our lessons.

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