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Split Name or whatever

One common task in SQL is given a full name, you need to split it into the first name and last name.

I recently had to split a string which contains a serial number for computer assets. The serial number might contain a pound sign (#). If it does, then we need to split it into Serial Number and Zone Name. If it doesn’t, then the entire string is just Serial Number.

Here is what I did:

DECLARE @DiscoverySerialNo VARCHAR(100)
SET @DiscoverySerialNo = ‘0509ad129c#omzsgav01’

select    LEFT(@DiscoverySerialNo, ISNULL(NULLIF(CHARINDEX(‘#’, @DiscoverySerialNo) – 1, -1), LEN(@DiscoverySerialNo))) AS SerialNo
,        RIGHT(@DiscoverySerialNo, NULLIF(CHARINDEX(‘#’, REVERSE(@DiscoverySerialNo)) – 1, -1)) AS ZoneName

Here is the result.


If there is no # in the string, here is the result.

SET @DiscoverySerialNo = ‘0509ad129comzsgav01’


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