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SSIS – How to change the default SQL Agent login

In our production environment, we have a dedicated ETL server, while the target database is on a different server.

    server 1 = ETL server
    Server 2 – production DB server

How do SSIS jobs on server 1 access the target database on server 2?

As an ETL developer and data analyst, I don’t do this every day. So I am writing down my notes here.

1) need to run SQL Agent job from server 1 to process data on server 2
2) do not want to have a SQL account to access server 2
3) need to have Windows Authentication account with Integrated Security when accessing server 2


  1. create a domain account SVC-SQLAgentAccount in domain myDM (where server 1 and server 2 reside)
  2. add account SVC-SQLAgentAccount as a user to both server 1 and server 2
  3. grant account SVC-SQLAgentAccount appropriate role and access on both server 1 and 2
  4. stop the SQL Agent service, change the service’s login from LocalSystem to myDM\SVC-SQLAgentAccount
  5. restart the SQL Agent service
  6. If the service fails to start, it probably means myDM\SVC-SQLAgentAccount doesn’t have the “run as a service” right on the box
  7. For the job on server 1, set the data source to (use Integrated Security)
    Data Source=Server2;Initial Catalog=myTargetDB;Provider=SQLNCLI.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Auto Translate=False;
  8. After the job ran successfully, you should see the step 

Executed as user: myDM\SVC-SQLAgentAccount
Executed as user: server1\SYSTEM

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