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Low Disk Space – Causing weird errors in SQL Server

There is no full-time administrator on our team right now. We all have to play the admin role once awhile, unfortunately, especially when things start to go wrong.

I recently have to move all my ETL process to a more robust development server, in order to complete my test for software installation. It turned out that this “robust” server is not so robust after all.

Here is the email I sent to the boss and co-workers.

The trigger issue is very weird. It makes me believe that when you have low disk space, weird things can happen on your SQL server.

From: Sherry
Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 11:49 PM
To: all
Subject: Server, Server, Server

I want to give you all another update.

In order to complete the software install test, I’ve been trying to move from A to B. Now I think I have to move to the production server, the C server.

On B I ran into a couple of issues.

1) First, the SQL server was not able to complete any long transactions. Error message about low disk space on C drive eventually lead me to move one of the system databases tempdb to D drive, where disk space is not an issue. However, other system databases, including the master database, are still on the C drive.

2) Second, I ran into a few NoDupIndexTriggered errors when trying to insert into the tables in Asset Manager. I am 100% sure that there are no duplicates in the data. As suggested by P, I did a test on A with the same Asset Manager schema and same data, there were no NoDupIndexTriggered errors on A.

The above issues lead me to believe we need to first fix the low disk space issue on C drive on B, by either moving all the system databases and other databases to D drive, or somehow allocating more disk space to C drive.

At meantime, I’ll ……

Please let me know any concerns or suggestions.



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