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What does a data analyst’s typical day look like?

I’ll start from here. It will help me to articulate other questions.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Task 1 – Business requirement (a to-do item) from yesterday:

  1. Be able to identify the computer assets that are no longer reporting in the auto-discovery tool
  2. Be able to update computer assets status from the computer inventory data source
  3. Do not import any computer assets that are already archived

The above business requirements are never written into the original BRS (Business Requirement Specification) document. They were “discovered” during the data profiling process.

  1. For requirement No. 1, wrote a query, and decided that the current ETP process is sufficient. To find PC Assets from XXXX that are no longer reporting: use dtLastScan attribute; if the last scan date is longer than 60 days, the status can be changed to “Not in use”.   
  2. For requirement No. 2 and 3, checked all the relevant entities and attributes, and decided that I need to modify the process. Modified: all data, including the archived data need to be extracted, but never “Insert” any assets that are archived; assets that are loaded, but now are archived, will be updated with the new archive date and new status. Modified the SSIS package.   

Task 2 – Suggesting schema changes to the Enterprise Asset Management system:

  1. Sending email to the supervisor and co-workers, giving the reason why the changes are necessary
  2. Answering co-worker’s question about the change
  3. To-do item: changes have been made by the system admin; need to modify my SSIS package accordingly
  4. To-do item: need to restore my test database with the new schema


Task 3 – 3 issues with HP’s tool Connect-IT

  1. Working with the consultant on the issues; mostly waiting for answers from HP developers; One hour Webex session with the consultant today: no real solutions yet on the 3 issues;
  2. To-do item: will try creating index on the target side to see if the performance is improved. 


Task 4 – Schedule a daily job to execute 3 SSIS packages:

  1. etlEAMPC_ExtractRawDataDaily
  2. etlEAMPC_CleanPCAssetSources
  3. etlEAMPC_DailyDelivery
  4. to-do item: need to create an ETL log file

Task 5 – Participating in the weekly team technical discussion meeting

  1. 1 and 1/2 hours
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