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More about firewall issues

Now I understand how a firewall should be configured to allow access to the Integration Services that reaches to a remote SQL server behind the firewall.

I also know where to authenticate my own account to the firewall so that my SSIS package will work when reaching out to a remote SQL server behind a firewall.

But obviously this is  not the only way.

1) I can VPN into domain 1, then authenticate myself to the firewall, then be able to access the remote SQL server using a dedicated SQL account. Or,

2) I can have an account in domain 2, and login to domain 2, so I can access the SQL server using either a dedicated SQL account, or through Windows Authentication. Or,

3) I can belong to a group such as xxxADMIN, which is also the local admin on that remote server. This way I do not need to have a separate account on the domain 2.

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