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TFS – Create sub-folders and Solutions in Visual Studio

I have a folder under the Developers Projects. I need to create a few sub-folders, and also a Solution in VS to associate solutions items to those sub-folders.

Here is how I did it.

We first need to create a new project in Visual Studio. Highlight my folder, then go to menu File –> New –> Project…

Create a blank solution. Make sure to check “Add to Source Control”.

I named this new Solution “PC Asset ETL”.


The following steps demonstrate ho to create sub-folders locally first, then link them to a solution item. I want to create a sub folder SSIS, and check in two of my SSIS packages.

Highlight my folder in VS.


Go to Source Control menu and select New Folder.


Give it a name SSIS.


Save the changes, then Check in the pending changes. This should create a sub-folder SSIS locally for me and also on TFS server.

In the newly created SSIS sub-folder, copy two of my SSIS packages to there locally.


Go back to VS. We need to associate this sub-folder SSIS with a solution item under the VS solution “PC Asset ETL”.

In the Solution Explorer,  right-click on the solution, Add –> Existing Item…


Navigate to the SSIS folder, and select both SSIS packages I just copied.


Both SSIS packages are added to the solution, and a Solution Item is created. Rename the Solution Items to SSIS. Save the changes and check in.




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