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Presentation of metadata elements of staging area

According to the Toolkit book, in the realm of the data warehouse, the data staging area is not the metadata repository. However, several metadata elements associated with the data staging area are valuable to the data warehouse and must be presented to its end users.

You can us a data-modeling tool for the presentation of metadata elements.

Types of metadata derived by the staging area include the following:


25%, 25%, 50%

Use a data-modeling tool captures perhaps 25 percent of the total metadata picture. The next 25 percent of the metadata describes the results of data cleaning.

To capture the additional process metadata, which is fully 50 percent of the metadata, make sure your ETL tool supplies the statistics required. At a minimum, the number of rows inserted, updated, deleted, and rejected should be available for each process. Also, the process start time, end time, and duration should be obtainable without any code

Naming Conventions

The ETL team should not be in the business of developing naming standards
for the data warehouse team. Nevertheless, data-staging tables must adhere to a standardized set of naming standards defined by the data warehouse architect.

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