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ETL – ETL Tool versus Hand Coding

The answer from the ETL Toolkit book is “It depends.”. I think the answer is still applicable today.

It’s unclear to me whether the author was referring Hand-Coded ETL solely to other scripting language methods, as apposed to database-stored procedures.

In my experience, many ETL teams in MS SQL Server shop are using a mixed approach that includes an SSIS ETL package for Extract and Delivery, and some hand coding/scripting in SQL mixed with an SSIS package for the middle steps of cleaning and conforming. Of cause all these steps are database-stored procedures. I haven’t seen any ETLs implemented in Object-oriented programming techniques or other scripting languages other than SQL.

The book focused on the advantages for ETL tool.

Tool-Based ETL Advantages




The only real advantage I can see from the book is:


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