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Expose the PK and FK through HP Connect-It

Just want to record this before I forget about this.

If we must use the Connect-It from HP to do the final loading of the data, I need to figure out how to set the FK values (otherwise, the mapping to the parent entities will drive anybody crazy).

In the advanced configuration, we can choose to expose both the PKs and FKs of the AM tables. The good news is that the FKs are indeed “exposed”, i.e. FKs can be “set” using the values I’ve populated into the source table. However, the PKs are not really “exposed”. I might be able to “get” the PK values, but was unable to “set” the PK values.

Anyway, make sure that these two options are checked.


In the mapping Edit Mapping window, make sure the mapping looks like this, with all the FKs mapped, and Name (or any other field that should be used as the reconciliation key) as the Reconciliation key. Note that the PK lModelId is not mapped. The tool will ignore it even if I have it mapped.



The only problem with this is that the Name field is ignored, and imported record looks like this. It has the vendor name prefixed to the model name. A SQL update should fix this.


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