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Lunch with Char and Judy and Wayeesha

I had a good lunch at Claim Jumper (I-17 & 101) with Char, Judy and of cause, Wayeesha. Conversations range from business, to weathers in Canada, and music, and piano.

Asset Management seems to be a popular IT initiative for even mid-size companies, such as SRP, where consumable assets, such as electrical equipments, need to be better managed. IT assets are obviously popular assets for this kind of enterprise initiative.

It’s also interesting to know that the option of 1099 vs w2 seems to be always there for the contractors. 1099 has advantages for consultants who travel a lot, and 1099 is the only way for them to deduct their expenses as non-taxable income. And, of cause, the non-deducted upfront payment is also a good thing for most consultants.

Working from home is a nice option for many consultants. But we need to avoid the common pitfall, that is the isolation from the rest of the team. Email, IM, and phone should be used every day to make sure that you have somebody to bounce your ideas and questions. Make a vigorous to-do list daily, and communicate with supervisor and team members immediately when issues come up, instead of delaying the communication to later time.

Char told me that people at Wells miss me. I miss people over there too. I guess I really had a good time working over there. It’ll be nice to go back.

Wayeesha also got something out of the conversation. Char is also a piano player, and exchanged many good ideas with Wayeesha. Char also promised to check out piano teachers, music workshops at Theater Works, or Glendale Community college for Wayeesha.

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