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ETL Process Design – Naming Convention

I found myself modify my naming convention quite often because I am not happy with them in the first few rounds of the design process. After a while, I kind of settled with the following set of rules.

1) Prefix for different objects. This is not unique for ETL process design. But it’s very important for any SQL development work. Typically, I use the following:

tbl: for all table objects
  • tblStandardPCMakeModel
  • tblTranslate
  • tblMarimbaMachine
usp: for all procedures
  • usp_PopulatePCAssetMarimba
  • usp_StandardizeMfg
  • usp_LoadRawDataMarimba
vw: for all views
  • vwPCAsset
  • vwSoftwareAsset
etl: for all SSIS packages
  • etlEAM_LoadRawData
job: for all SQL agent jobs
  • jobEAM_LoadRawData
ix: for all indexes
  • ix_Ast_lAstId

2) Reserve a few verbs, nouns, and adjectives for the project. This is not unique for ETL process design either. But for any ETL development work, using the meaningful verbs, nouns, and adjectives is the foundation for a good design and also a good start for your design documentation (if anybody asks for that).

Here are some of the words I reserve for the project.


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