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What Is Master Data?

What Is Master Data?

Most software systems have lists of data that are shared and used by several of the applications that make up the system. For example, a typical ERP system as a minimum will have a Customer Master, an Item Master, and an Account Master. This master data is often one of the key assets of a company. It’s not unusual for a company to be acquired primarily for access to its Customer Master data.

In the current IT portfolio asset management project I am involved in, the master data are:

1) Hardware assets: these include data center machines, mainframe, mid-range, virtual machines, etc. Large corporations with many data centers have a need for a master data repository of these assets .

2) PC and peripheral assets, and the software installed on these assets.

3) Portfolio Applications. These are enterprise or departmental applications, such as an ERP, a CRM system, or a sales management system, a billing system. The server components of these applications are installed on server machines located a a data center.

4) Software installation and license or contract data

5) HR data

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