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What are Overflow tables?

Overflow tables

Certain portfolio items are very specific and thus necessitate the use of specific fields. Example: Managing and tracking computers requires that you store large amounts of information. Adding fields in the Portfolio items table to contain this specific information would:
1) Slow down Asset Manager’s performance.
2) e useless for many other items not needing such information specified.

A typical solution is to have specific tables to contain this information. For example: Any portfolio item corresponding to a computer is recorded in the Portfolio items table and then in a second table: the Computers table.

However, this method makes the synchronization process very difficult, since you must constantly make sure that:
1) The computers are recorded in both the Portfolio items table and the Computers table.
2) The deletion of a computer from the portfolio automatically deletes the computer from the Computers table.

To avoid these synchronization problems, AM uses overflow tables.

Each time you specify one or more overflow table for a portfolio-item record, this record is simultaneously created in the Portfolio items table and the overflow table: the Assets table and the Computers table, for example.

Each creation or deletion of a record in one of these two tables is automatically carried
over into the other tables, saving you precious time in the synchronization process.

In order that a portfolio item be recorded in an overflow table, you need to specify this action in the nature of this item’s model.

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