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Description of portfolio items


Asset Manager provides the following contextual information for each item or batch of items:
1) Its status. (amAsset.Status)
2) Its user and supervisor. (amPortfolio.lSupervId, amPortfolio.lUserId)
3) Its location. (amPortfolio.lLocaId, amLocation.lLocaId)
4) Its cost center. (amPortfolio.lCostCatId, amPortfolio.lCostId, amCostCenter.lCostId, amCostCategory.lCostCatId)
5) All other linked items in the portfolio (associated assets, consumables, supplies). (amPortfolio.lAstId)

By being able to precisely locate portfolio items and see how they are used, you can:

1) Efficiently monitor their movements (Example: assignment of a group of computers to another department).
2) Evaluate the needs of each department (Example: calculate the ratio of photocopiers per department).
3) Distribute new computer hardware evenly.
4) Locate hardware given to a customer.
5) Avoid allocating 2 identical assets to the same person (For instance: a consultant who uses several laptops).
6) Rapidly reorganize cost centers related to portfolio items.

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