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Creating models for a portfolio item

Models, which are based on natures, enable you to organize your portfolio items.
Depending on your requirements, models can go from very generic to very specific.

Example of organization of software models

The following example represents a way of organizing your software models:
1) All the software models are based on a nature that creates a portfolio item.
The management constraint depends on the way you want to manage your
software: individually, by batch or by untracked batch.
2) A generic Software model is created.
3) Sub-models enable you to classify software according to their use: Office
automation, ERP, Project management, etc.
4) Other models are created for the Office Automation sub-model for specific
applications:Word processor, Spreadsheet, DTP, File Management.
5) Models created at the bottom of the hierarchy correspond to specific models
which can be used to create individual software items in the Portfolio items
table: Software/Office Automation/Word processor/Microsoft Word 2000.

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