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Create a Nature

A nature’s creation criteria

For each nature, you must indicate the table in which the models based on this nature will be able to create records. Example: One nature enables you to create models of portfolio items; another nature enables you to create models of contracts; etc.

Example: A nature enables you to create models for portfolio items and computers. In this case, creating a portfolio item based on this nature automatically creates a corresponding record in the Computers table.

Management constraint

The management constraints enable you to define the way in which you manage a portfolio item. The management constraint is rendered by the use or absence of an asset tag.

An asset tag conditions whether the portfolio item is linked to a record in the
Assets table. There are three options for the management constraint:
1) Unique asset tag
Portfolio items with their own asset tag are individually tracked assets. Using a unique asset tag is recommended for more important portfolio items that require close and constant tracking.
2) Unique or shared asset tag
Portfolio items sharing the same asset tag are grouped together in a batch
and tracked collectively. Items in the same batch share the same asset tag.
This management mode is recommended for identical items that do not need
to be tracked individually.
3) Free
If this option is selected for the portfolio item, you are free to choose whether
to give it an asset tag or not. Portfolio items without asset tags are those
for which accurate tracking is not required. These items are grouped together
in untracked batches and do not appear in the Assets table.

A nature’s behavior criteria

Selecting one or more behavior option for the nature of an item conditions the availability of certain fields and tabs in the tables of these items. Example: Selecting License in the nature of a portfolio item enables the License tab to be displayed in the Models table. The following behavior options are available in Asset Manager:
1) Has software installed
2) Can be connected
3) Consumable
4) Cable device
5) License

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