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SQL – Proveit Test (SQL Sever 2005 for Developers)

Hi Peter,

I did take the test last night with a 62% score. I had to remind myself that my score is still slightly above national average, which is 50%, to still feel pround of myself.
It was a tough test, as you said, in the sense that it is not testing your SQL skills, rather it’s testing how much you know (or used) the new enhancements in version 2005. I don’t regret taking the test, even if it means that the recruiter will not talk to me again. At least now I know how much I don’t know about those enhancements.
Thanks for keeping an eye out there for me.

Sherry Li

From: Friend Peter

Subject: ProveIt test
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:25:38 -0700

Hi Sherry,

Sorry I missed your IM last night.  I’ve had to take those before.  Sometimes they use proveit and sometimes they use brainbench.  I find the tests are somewhat similar to the Microsoft certification exams in that there are some very easy questions, and some hard ones which are only hard because they are asking questions about features that you may have never used.  For instance, I’ve done very little with XML, and I remember there being several questions about using XML clauses in SQL queries.  I had to guess on those.  Some companies  (staffing companies and/or end client companies) request these tests as a way to further screen their candidates, but it only happens to me about 10% of the time.  

I will look out for SQL opportunities for you at (). 


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