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SSAS – MDX Basics Coordinates 2

Each point in a multidimensional space is defined by a collection of coordinates – a tuple, while each coordinate corresponds to a dimension member. A simple tuple contains two members would be ([2010], [USA]). The simplest way (not the best) to reference a member in MDX is to enclose its name in square brackets.

Each member of the tuple must come from different hierarchy. You cannot create a tuple that has more than one member coming from the same hierarchy. Each tuple has two properties, dimensionality and the actual members  contained in the tuple.

Tuples that have the same dimensionality can be united in a set. The simplest way to defined a set is to explicitly list its tuples between braces.

{([2009], [USA]), ([2010], [USA]) }


Specify axes: you can define a multidimensional space by projecting a set on an axis.

Here is a simple SELECT:

SELECT{  ([DRINK], [2009]),  ([DRINK], [2010]),

                     ([FOOD], [2009]),  ([FOOD], [2010]) } ON COLUMNS,



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